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Abstract Art  & Seascapes

Art by Julia Kosterova. Oil & Acrylics on canvas. Worldwide shipping.

About The Artist

I’m inspired by Colour & Light. Visual arts and music have always been integral parts of my creativity, following and inspiring each other since the first days I remember myself.

Many of you know me as one of the few Russian born musicians gaining worldwide recognition and focusing on international career, both as a solo artist and session guitarist, working with artists from around world. 

In fact, music hardly ever comes as a sequence of sounds, but rather a vision or a feeling. I am a musician, AND a photographer, AND an artist. No matter which one is dominating my career at the moment, all the three parts of creative me are equally important.

Collections & Series

Neon & Lumi Series

In the Neon & Lumi glowing series I’m using luminescent paint that accumulates light and glows in the dark and fluorescent paint that glows in UV light!

Neon and Luminescent glowing in the dark acrylics on canvas, palette knife.

Marine Life Series

Marine Life Series was inspired by relaxing meditative summer seaside vibes with beautiful plants, ocean creatures and aerial views of the ocean waves touching the beach sand. There are both miniatures and medium sized paintings.

Acrylics on canvas.

Liquid Visions Series

Experimental meditative series of bright colourful miniatures. Inspired by “going with the flow” summer vibes. 

Acrylics on canvas.

Bird’s Eye View Series

I’ve always been fascinated with the views from the airplane, so here is my new series of paintings called Bird’s Eye View Series.

Metallic & Pearl acrylics on canvas, palette knife.

Landscapes in Metallics

Vibrant landscapes and seascapes painted with palette knife and metallic & pearl acrylics.

Metallic & Pearl acrylics on canvas, palette knife.

Abundance Series

This abundance and success attracting series of paintings is inspired by the growing charts of the commodity and stock markets and the colours used are associated with gold, money, abundance.

Metallic & Pearl acrylics on canvas, palette knife.

Waves And Sunlight

Vibrant dynamic abstract seascapes painted with palette knife and bright neon acrylics. Waves, sunlight, splashing water that glows in joyful colours – everything you love about the seaside and sailing!

Acrylics on canvas, palette knife.

Liquid Sunsets Series

Introducing my new 2021 Liquid Sunset series, featuring a collection of minimal abstract landscapes and seascapes with contemporary vibe. In this series golden glow and metallic acrylics meet hi-tech colour shifting duochromes and “jeans-like” distressed edges, abstract expressionist textured colour blocks  – surrealistic melting horizon line.   

Metallic & Pearl acrylics on canvas, palette knife.

Oil Seascapes

Vibrant oil seascapes and dreamscapes inspired by my travels and dream places to see.   

Oil on canvas.

Mini Seascapes

New series of small affordable seascapes and dreamscapes. Perfect unique and thoughtful gift for any occasion!   

Oil on canvas.

Oil Landscapes

Vibrant oil landscapes and dreamscapes inspired by my travels and dream places to see.   

Oil on canvas.

Impasto Oil Flowers

Introducing my new Impasto Flowers series launched in February 2022. Palette knife is fantastic for truly  expressive art creations. These small paintings on canvas look fantastic with or without a frame and will be a perfectly unique and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Oil on canvas, palette knife.

Gold Of The World

Gold Of The World is a new series of gold leaf paintings inspired by the most beautiful places of the world. Seascapes, landscapes, glowing sunsets, plants, beautiful flowers, delicious fruit and whatever I get inspired with when travelling!

Acrylics on board or canvas, gold leaf, palette knife.

Custom Sizes & Commissions 

Order Art from stock or contact me to order any size that will match your room! I will also be happy to create a painting in my style to fit your interior design.  

Latest News

Latest news from the studio, FAQ and stories behind the paintings

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